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    2018 high-performance four phones,You deserve it.
    4/21/2018 3:27:45 PM

    Full screen concept arose after each brand new emerge in endlessly

    In the past 2017 years,We have been in contact with the iPhone, samsung S8, millet MIX X 2 s such great concept of mobile phone products,In 2018, these concept black technologies will popularize millions of households, and major brands are also starting to innovate better, more attractive, and more cost-effective mobile phones.


    The first: huawei Nova 3e

    The screen corners rounded design,At the same time joined the at present the most popular Liu Haibing,Cool up the wrist bright screen technology and face unlock technology.With three screenshots keep important information quickly,There are a lot of humanized function at the same time,Just like your personal assistant.The back of the phone design, with unique binary.Not only so is to keep the design of thin, only 7.4 mm thick, weighs 145 grams.


    the second: nuts Pro 2

    This kind of hammer nuts Pro 2 carrying the qualcomm Xiao dragon 660 mobile platform,Use 4 gb / 6 gb LPDDR4X memory, positive carry a 5.99 -inch 2160 * 1080 resolution LCD screen,¥1799 can be said to be one of the cost-effective products currently on the market one of the few.


    The third: the charm blue Note6

    Rear front-facing camera to 16 million pixels, with 12 million (6 p, F / 1.9) + 5 million (5 p, F / 1.9), the double color lens combination,Carrying qualcomm Xiao dragon god U 625 generation, 4000 mah battery 18 w quick charge and support,This configuration is for ¥999, the performance-to-price ratio is high!

    Fourth: millet 6

    This phone back to glass body design,And use the new reversible four curved glass technology,The fuselage on the appearance and technology has a very obvious change.


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