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    First quarter global mobile phone sales' quantity
    6/25/2018 7:01:16 PM

    Market research surveys the latest data released by Gartner.Worldwide mobile phone sales in the first quarter were approximately 384 million units,Compared to the same period last year, it increased by 1.3%. but Worldwide sales of mobile phones have stagnated, last year was 455 million.


    In the first quarter, Samsung’s smart phone sales were 78.5 million. Although the basic market share in China is negligible and its global share has declined, it did not affect Samsung’s global ranking No.1


    Apple's market share is 14.1%. In the first quarter, 54 million mobile phones were sold, up 0.4% from the same period of last year. Because iPhone X's demand is much higher than iPhone 8 and 8plus, Apple's growth rate is lower than market expectations. Compared to the iPhone X, the changes to the iPhone 8 and the 8PLUS are too small, so Apple needs to bring more changes to the next generation iPhone.


    The third and fourth are Huawei and Xiaomi, respectively. Huawei is third in the world. Huawei and Xiaomi recorded sales of 40.5 million and 28.5 million in the first quarter respectively. Huawei increased by 1.5% from last year, and Xiaomi increased by 4%.


    The biggest winner in the first quarter was Xiaomi, which grew by 124% year-on-year! Xiaomi’s latest smartphone’s ultra-high price-performance ratio made Xiaomi’s share in the first quarter reach fourth place. “This strategy has enabled Xiaomi to achieve a 330% growth in the emerging Asia-Pacific region. Xiaomi’s popularity in overseas markets is also a very important part of the reason. It seems that the cost-effectiveness is also a huge temptation for foreign users.


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