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    Four factors promote phone accessories Developing
    3/8/2018 6:08:29 PM

    With the development of mobile Internet applications, smart phones become the essential digital terminal equipment for consumers.

    According to the International Data Corporation (IDC) released third quarter 2017 mobile tracking report data show, global sales of smart phones overall sales are still at steady growth. It provide a good chance for phone accessories.


    Quantities of phone accessories increase in a highly speed, there are 4 reasons.  

    1. Personalized needs. More and more phone accessories are same in the market, including function, design, materials and etc. But some business update the functions according to newest mobile phone, such as phone case, they will make them in material or design more prevent droping.

    2. Accessories enjoy a more broad market. People more and more focus on choosing and using mobile in a professional sight, so they will choose the most better accessories suitable for them. Such as USB cable in Type-C pin, fast charger, wireless charger, etc.

    3. Consumer brand awareness gradually strengthened. Through years market changes, quality and brand have been clearly settle down and come to be stable. It is compare with situation in past, different quality, different price and etc, these influence customers’ testing.

    4. New come out mobile phone speed up accessories changes.

    Products have their life cycle, when it is enough using, it need to change new. As for accessories, constantly launched new items is necessarily.


    It would be good develop view for phone accessories in the future as per the 4 influence factors.

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