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    How to choose excellent USB data cable?
    3/13/2018 6:03:23 PM

    Cellphone is more and more important in our daily life and work,it is a bridge of communication to world and people.For cellphone,a good cable is necessary.

    What harm caused by a bad cable?

    1. Charging slow.

    2. Data transmission slow.

    3. Hurt cellphone cause unstable current when charging.

    4. Electric shock,poor cable material is easy to broken,copper shown outside,electric shock maybe happened.


    So consumer should use an excellent cable,below tips for how to choose nice cable.

    1.Material,take soft cable which is made of TPE.

    2.Outlook, check connector with strong protect or not,the gap has burr or not.

    3.Compatibility,firstly,check if the pin is suitable for your cellphone;Secondly,pls take fast charging cable if your cellphone with this function.

    4.Choose big and famous phone accessories brand,the quality is guaranteed,like Miccell.


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