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    Mobile Internet to promote ‘Internet of things’
    2/2/2018 6:17:14 PM

    Mobile Internet to promote Internet of things

    According to the 41st Statistical Report on CNNIC, until the end of 2017, the number of mobile Internet users in our country reached 753 million. The proportion of Internet users are increased from 95.1% to 97.5% since 2016. Thus ,desktops and laptops have been less used.


    In 2017, the mobile Internet mainly showed three characteristics: the service scene was continuously enriched, the size of mobile terminals was accelerated and the volume of mobile data continued to expand.


    First of all, all kinds of integrated mobile application platforms create an integrated service platform to expand the scope of services and influence, including integrate social, information services, finance, transportation and livelihood services and other functions ;

    Secondly, mobile phone became the Intelligent devices to connect life in every sences. Make a personalise view and convince to daily life.

    Finally, the stable tends scale of Internet users,mass mobile data has become a new value digging point,Create more value-digging space for the mobile Internet industry.

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