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    OPPO/VIVO: The arrival of Type-C
    7/2/2018 9:37:09 AM

    The competition between mobile phone brands is still fierce. As the competition in the offline market is getting fiercer, OPPO and VIVO have begun to put some energy into the online market. Of course, they have also achieved good results. Now the two big companies are also starting to invest in higher-end markets.


    On the Children's Day, 1st of June, OPPO announced the return of the long-awaited Find series, and on June 19th, Find X will be officially released. On 12th of June, VIVO released its own new flagship phone before OPPO. Actually, this is APEX's production version of NEX.


    Have to say, OPPO and vivo also abandoned micro USB to type-C interface, but also basically announced the trend of popularization of the Type-C interface of the Android. Under this situation, users no longer have to spit on the interfaces of OPPO and VIVO.


    Veaqee always follows the trend of the phone brands and the needs of customers, and is at the forefront of the trend. 



    Weaving+Aluminum Alloy

    Length: 1m

    Color: Black, red, Grey

    Material: Nylon

    PIN: Micro, Lightning, Type-C


    The VQ-D26 is a tail-length cable that is more wear-resistant and flexible.


    If you are interesting in VQ-D26, please feel free to contact us in any time. 

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