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    Phone uncharge? Too cold?
    2/5/2018 5:26:36 PM

    Phone uncharge? Too cold?

    With winter coming, some people will find that mobile phone and Pad is difficult to charge or the charging speed is very slow. The reason is there the chemical characteristics of lithium battery. Low temperature will decreasw the chemical activity, slow down the movement of electrons, causing the issues that can not charge even damage the battery.

     Here are some tips share with you.

    1. When the temperature of phone is too low, you can cover your phone with a quilt. The temperature of the processor spread throughout the body. It will automatically charge until it reach a certain temperature.


    2. When you phone still have electicity, connect the charger and play games, high load processor to generate heat to help charge.


    3. When you phone can not turn on or can not charge, you can use hair dryer pointing to the back of the phone blowing 1 or 2 minutes, then it will work.


    4. Use electric blanket. Place your phone on the blanket to charge. Hand Po and hot water bottle both OK. But should care the time due to they are too hot for long time set.


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