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    Why doesn't the battery charge rise and fall when the car charger is charging?
    6/19/2018 4:22:21 PM

    Many people are used to playing mobile phones,It can be said that it is a good machine,follow up like a shadow,Everyday is a family of bows.he moment the driver was connected to the traffic light, he couldn't help but play the mobile phone.


    1. No interface, use the USB interface directly,The USB interface in the car is set for audio data transmission.The current of this interface is only 5V / 0.5A, if the current voltage is not up to standard,Not only will the charging time be longer, it will also cause the phone to become hot and it will damage the phone.


    Also, do not use high-power car chargers or inverters to charge the phone for a long time. This will increase the burden on the generator and shorten the on-board battery life.


    Veaqee company recommends several cars for everyone to use.

    1.True fast charger! Veaqee company fast charging car charger warhead

    2.Dual USB charging two devices at the same time

    3.Qualcomm's new Quick Charger (QC3.0)

    1.car charger,QC 3.0Quick Charger

    In order to allow us to better enjoy the mobile phone and spare no effort to fight. Qualcomm is one such, Qualcomm's new Quick Charger (QC3.0) is committed to make charging more quickly.


    Veaqee car charger tieh cable


    Car charger delicate 2USB 3.1A


    safety warning:

    During the driving process, pay close attention to the state of the car battery and generator. For example, if the battery symbol on the dashboard is always on, do not open it. This may cause the vehicle to suddenly lose power, turn off the engine, and lose control of the vehicle.

    The car is valuable and life is priceless

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