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    Does power bank can take into plane?
    4/21/2018 3:12:18 PM

    Based on Civil Aviation Organization certain rules, passengers need to comply with the below regulations:

    1. power bank only can be take by carry-on baggage or carry by yourself, it is not allowed to carry it in checked baggage.

    2. The rated energy of power bank can not over 100Wh, without any airline required;

    3. Poer bank should always be turned off during the flight, it is prohibited to charge any devices.

    If you want to take power bank into plane, there are some tips:

    1. you must take power bank yourself, the capacity of power bank only can be within 20000mAh.

    2. We need to focus on the description about the voltage and capacity about power bank.

    3. We need to buy the branded power bank which was noted by workers in airport.


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