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    Mission impossible,Veaqee Team Building
    11/8/2018 6:02:56 PM

    Have you ever thought about how to raise up the spirit of your team and the greatest power you team can offer?


    Please allow Veaqee to show you how we finish the impossible missions.

    Is it possible to have 20 persons stand on a big car tire?

    But this is what we successfully did with only one rope.


    Yes, I think youre absolutely right about at least most of us were totally frightened before climbing up, not to mention that we had to walk through a thin cable in the air.

    Guess what, each pair of partners were brave enough to conquer the fear and succeeded together.


    Cooperation and trust always come first when it comes to team work, thanks to everyone.

    In the end, would you like to have a try to finish these games?微信图片_20181108100855.jpg

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