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    10/15/2018 8:52:57 PM

    11-14 OCT Asia World - Expo

    Veaqee company attended the first Hong Kong electronics fair in 11-14th OCT, there are many customers in this exhibition.Veaqee has achieved satisfactory results.


    Our boss Tobey personally takes us to receive customers from various countries, such as America, Europe, South America, Middle East and so on.



    Our booth was so popular that many people came to our booth.


    We have kept a warm attitude for four days in a row to receive customers and let them feel our enthusiasm.图片15.png

    We take the customer's request seriously, record their every request, try our best to solve the customer's every problem and doubt.


    At the last minute of the last day, many of the booths had been packed and gone, but we held out until the last minute and kept the booths tidy.This is our basic literacy.


    Finally, we substitute soybean milk for wine, and cheer for the successful end of the first phase of the exhibition.


    Think it a pity to miss our first exhibition?

    Don't worry, we still have the second exhibition.The time is as follows, welcome your arrival, we are here waiting for you.


    Our next booth is 10R35,

    18th-21th OCT

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