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    What is iphone 8/X wireless charging?
    2017-11-14 10:39:06

    What is iphone 8/X wireless charging?

    Apple has always been the whole IT circle "technical weathervane", then this time the new wireless function of iPhone8/X is not really so easy to use, there is no problem? Let's tell you all about this experience.


    IPhone8/X uses the Qi (Chee) wireless charging standard, and there are two mainstream wireless charging standards:Power Matters AlliancePMAand Alliance for Wireless PowerA4WP.-VQCT1652wireless charger manufacturermiccell wireless chargers

    The advantages of wireless charging

    1.First of all should be safe: can avoid the risk of electric shock.
    2.The second is durable:   power transmission components without leakage.
    3.Finally, oxygen and other erosion; the existence of non contact.

     good quality wireless charger

    Convenience: charging without wiring, as long as you put it near the charger, no need to occupy multiple power outlets, no more wires intertwined trouble.


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