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    The most practical phone accessories
    1/12/2018 2:51:01 PM

    The most practical phone accessories

    Nowadays, mobile phone update so fast regards the technology, different devices need different accessories to keep its function. Let's see the most practical phone accessories as below.


    Multi USB ports chargers. Before, most charger is with 1 USB port and single charging function. Now the multi ports charger will help you to charge several devices when needed.



    Interchange connector for 2 kinds of pin, such as Lightening and Android. The interchange connector help to use an Android cable to charge a Iphone mobile.


    OTG function in the mobile.

    Many cell phone is designed with OTG function. You can use it to transfer data,pictures,documents and so on. It is more convenient to use your phone like a computer!


    As the aboved, what accessories you ever used are convenient for you?

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