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    How to charge the phone in the car?
    1/17/2018 6:01:58 PM

                         How to charge the phone in the car?

    Nowadays, most cars are equipped with USB charging port or cigarette lighter charging.

    When the mobile phone power is less than 30%, it is easy for us to get the power supply.


    But there are some Inappropriate using among us. It will cost huge damage to cars and cell phones.



    Error 1: Just using the USB ports, the car charger isnt necessary.


    Because most of USB interface is set for audio data transmission, the interface current only is 5V / 0.5A. At this time, if the current does not meet the standards which will make the device damaged.


    Error 2: The output of Car charger can not exceed the maximum rated input of the phone.


    If the output of the charger is more than the phone, the mobile phone can get full power quickly.

    If the output of the charger is less than the phone. It will cost much more time to charger, and the phone will get hot and damaged as time goes.

    In a word, in order to protect your cell phone, it is important to using the qualified car charger.


    Error 3: Remove the car charger when the car turns off


    In general, there is no current output when the car charger isnt connected with electronic devices. There is no harm for the consumed battery.


    Error 4: More USB ports, charge more slowly

    The charging dosent depend on the quantity of USB ports, the key is the output current of the charger.


    Finally, choose the car charger with overload protection function and the output current above 1A. It will be better for your car and your mobile phone.

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