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    High quality USB cable Recommended: Metal Braided USB cable (VQUC-1714)
    1/22/2018 11:10:50 AM

     In market, there are many different quality cable for option. Sometimes consumers are troublesome how to get a quality USB cable for supporting fast charging and data transport.



    Here I would like to introduce veaqee cable for you. For an example, how to choose a high quality cable.


    At first, the charging speed should compatible with the charger you used. At market there are most 2A charger, the cable is 2A or higher would be a good option.




    Secondly, the service life of the cable. That means the quality of cable should be good. As below cable, which in PVC inside to wrap the copper wire. In outside design, there equip with Metal Spring elastic, which will well prevent the break  from stretch.




    Thirdly, the connector design. Cable in Metal shell will be in a better hand feeling. The connector part design and connect with the whole metal spring, it allows to different angle bind and keep its function.






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