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    how to choose a good car charger?
    1/29/2018 9:40:40 AM

    how to choose a good car charger?

    As all to know,car charger is already one of the car owners out of an essential choice of automotive products,However, the security risks of the charger always exist,So choosing a safe and practical car charger is very important,So how can we choose satisfactorily?

    Choose the regular factory,Regular manufacturers generally have a better product quality assurance,After-sales service is very perfect.We have certification, a warranty date, such as package returned. But the quality is better guaranteed.



    Over current,overheating and short circuit protection.


    Car shell can play a heat insulation, insulation, flame retardant effect,the quality is very good.


    Customized personalized logo design

    Safety hammer function

    Current and voltage display function.

    Multi-USB interface function

    Mini car charger

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