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    Fast charge​r can charge ordinary cell phone it? Guangzhou Veaqee Electronic Co., Ltd
    2/27/2018 11:39:49 AM

    VEAQEE company specializing in the production of chargers,Production QC3.0 fast chargers, Type-c PD fast chargers, a variety of specifications, certification complete, welcome to consult.

    Want quick charge technology in the future, even thousands of machines are equipped with fast charge technology, but there are many older models of mobile phones do not support fast charge, so there is such a question, if you use fast Charger does not support the fast charge of the phone charging what happens? Can I charge it? Will it be a bad phone?


    Here you can first tell you that if you are using the regular fast charging VEAQEE to charge the phone, whether it is fast charge mobile phone can be filled, then why is this? First of all, the voltage and current required for cell phone charging are usually controlled by the internal circuit of the cell phone, that is, the cell phone itself determines. Therefore, mobile phones generally have overcharge, overcurrent, overvoltage and other protection, in order to prevent high voltage current into, damage the phone.

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