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    Veaqee fund,let’s make world wonderful
    3/10/2018 5:20:08 PM


     9th,March,2018,Veaqee company helds an activity with theme “love”,

         the aim is to help some people who are in touble in daily life,

         the fund is collected by donation from veaqee company and society.


    All employees and leaders joined to this activity,some solds their personal staffs for collecting fund,like red wine,bracelet,necklace,tea etc...some colleagues donated money,even somebody provided their own service or skill for selling to get donation.    



    Veaqee love fund organization is built officially.

    The fund will be used fairly and reasonable by fund team.


    Thanks for finance and material support to Veaqee love fund.

    Let us do something to make the world better,love ourself,love others.

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