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Does the charging speed depend on the charging head or the charging cable?
9/7/2018 4:01:16 PM

In this fast charging age, No matter what charger and usb cable are called fast charge, what flash charging, fast charging, and second charging make consumers feel puzzled. However, many people encounter a problem when purchasing a charging device. Does the charging speed of the mobile phone depend on the charging head or the charging cable?


The charger mainly determines the voltage and current, and the main function of theusb cable is the transmission of current. The better the electrical conductivity, the smaller the wire resistance, so the charging of the same high-power charging head will be slightly faster, and the same charging. If the head wire is better or thicker, it may charge faster.


The charging head and the charging line both have a influence on the charging speed. If the power of the two does not match, then there will be some impact on the charging speed and safety more or less.


If you have purchased a fast charge data cable, it is best to configure a fast charge head. If you don't know how to choose high-quality mobile phone accessories, then choose Veaqee is always right.


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